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Digitalize in Stockholm


Convene in one of the top ranked innovative regions in the world for a deep dive into visions, cutting edge research, and innovation. Explore impacts, driving forces and technologies of digitalization for society, people and industries.

About the event

The first day addresses industry and society challenges and visions, with a mix of high-level keynotes, deep-dive panels and discussions, and demonstrations. Topics will range from smart manufacturing, future transport, smart cities, living in the digitalized world, innovations for public sector and life science.
The second day goes deeper into the very latest research into technologies that drive digitalization. Leading academic researchers present and debate with research leaders from industry and public sector.
The event is an opportunity to network with research and innovation leaders and visionaries, including specially invited young international researchers gathering for a co-located career event.

Stockholm and Sweden are top innovative regions, as identified for example in
The European innovation scoreboard and the Global innovation index


November 26 | Challenges and Solutions
08:00 Registrations, coffee, demos open

09:00 Opening and welcome.
  Keynote Beyond 5G – what could it be – 6G?
Professor Gerhard Fettweis, TU Dresden
  Keynote: Disruptive innovation in the sports industry
Mounir Zok, CEO N3XT Sports
  Keynote: Digital innovations and partnerships in healthcare
Nicke Svanvik, Chief innovation officer, Karolinska university hospital


11:10 Networking & demos + coffee

11:55 Panel: Public sector & society digitalization  
Moderators: Dr Michelle Böck, Dr Sarah Fox
Panelists: Umberto Fugiglando, MIT senseable city lab
Lars Ydreskog, Combitech
Siim Sikkut, CIO Estonia
Daniel Forslund, Region Stockholm
Stefan Lindeberg, Swedish Olympic academy
Panel: Autonomous systems including intelligent transport
Moderator: TBA
Panelists: Håkan Schildt, Scania
Alf Isaksson, ABB
Sara Mazur, WASP
Gunnar Holmberg, Saab

12:45 Lunch – networking and demos

13:40 Presentations
  Vision of the future digitalized society: Siim Sikkut, government CIO of Estonia
  AI, Industry and the future of electric supply: Stefan Thorburn, Technology scouting ABB corporate research
  Trends in digital manufacturing: Professor Thomas Bergs, Fraunhofer IPT

15:15 Networking and demos + coffee

16:00 Panel: Life-long learning
Moderators: Dr Anna Lukina, Prof. Jessica Roberts
Panelists: Anders Johansson, KTH
Sofie Jonsson, Skanska, Female leader engineer program
Patricia Kempff, Association of Swedish Engineering Industries
Jannike Åhlgren, RISE ICT Interactive
Panel: Digitalizing the manufacturing industry
Moderator: Dr Didem Gürdür Broo
Panelists: Thomas Bergs, Fraunhofer
Hans Olofsson, Scania
Faris Celik, Ericsson
Aleksandar Zuza, Swedish industrial workers union

17:00 Reflections on digitalization and the learnings of the day
Darja Isaksson Director General Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency

17:45 Mingle and dinner

November 27 | Cutting Edge Research
09:00 Keynote: From compressed sensing to deep learning: Tasks, structures and models
Prof. Yonina Eldar, Weizmann Institute of Science

09:45 Keynote: Making computer vision systems that work
Dr. Andrew Fitzgibbon, Microsoft

10:30 Networking and coffee break

11:00 Early career Spotlight: Working with Third Sector Organisations to develop digital technologies: Design as Justice-Oriented Ecologies
Dr. Angelika Strohmayer, Lecturer in Communication Design, Northumbria University, UK

11:15 Keynote: A Prospect in Wireless Research: Embracing Heterogeneous Connectivity
Prof. Petar Popovski, Aalborg University

12:00 Lunch and poster session

13:45 Early-career Spotlight: Dealing with uncertainty in safety-critical cyber-physical systems
Dr.ir. Sofie Haesaert, Assistant Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

14:00 Keynote: Data Security and Privacy in Emerging Scenarios
Prof. Pierangela Samarati, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

14:45 Coffee break

15:15 Panel: "Shaping the digital future: current research challenges and beyond."
Moderator: Prof. Marina Petrova
Panelists: Dr. Andrew Fitzgibbon, Microsoft
Prof. Petar Popovski, Aalborg University
Prof. Pierangela Samarati, Università degli Studi di Milano
Anders Erlandsson, Ericsson IndustryLab
Bazmi Husain, CTO ABB

16:30 End



On the 800 m2 exhibition floor, demonstrations will highlight research results, visions and proofs-of-concept and provide an opportunity for informal discussions.

Urban Explorer

Training machine operators with VR

Radio Stripes and Antenna Concept

Robot control over 5G and edge cloud

Live-In Lab

And more...

  • Visual site inspection
  • Eyetracking
  • Connected vehicles
  • Swedish Maritime Robotics Center
  • Learning On-Board Signals for Timely Reaction
  • VR in elderly care in Norrtälje Tiohundra
  • Water monitoring network
  • Internet of Things, Edge AI and Digital Twins
  • Remote collaboration
  • The Exponential Roadmap for climate action - how our technology can help halving emissions by 2030
  • 5G mini RVC
  • Innovation in the public sector
  • Visualization for better overview in the smart city's control room
  • Sustainovation

Main speakers

Main speakers include:

Venue Information

Arne Beurlings Torg 5
164 40 Kista

Program chairs

  • Karl-Henrik Johansson, Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Magnus Frodigh, Vice President and Head of Ericsson Research

Organizing partners are KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Ericsson Research, Scania, ABB, Skanska, Stockholm Stad, Region Stockholm, and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.




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